July 9th, 2010

ferry boat

Chicago time

DAY 8: Well, we're here in the capital of Illinois for the next 3 days. We're staying at the Ramada Inn Lakeshore, near Hyde Park, and we are a HUGE room. I think it used to have 2 double beds, but now there's just a king, so there is a lot of floor space. We're about a mile from the Museum of Science and Industry, where we are headed today.

Yesterday, we hung out around Galesburg and took a last few photos, which are in the Facebook Album.

People are wierd here about using Credit Cards...not sure why this is. *shrugs*
windy lady

Museum of Science and Industry

DAY 8 (Con'd):

Today we went to the Museum of Science and Industry in the south Chicago area. We spent 3 hours there, so we felt it was worth the price of admission. The downside were the amount of kids present, as well as practically an entire floor devoted to activities for young children. Otherwise, we did have much fun.

--> Coal Mining Tour, which I was suggested to go on because my parents went on it when they lived in the area over 30 years ago.

--> The model of Chicago and Seattle (click each word seperately for a different picture)

And the rest, while not overwhelmingly super amazingly memorable, were still entertaining to see.

Currently, we have decided to chillax in the room and eat Chicago pizza. :)