February 13th, 2010

me cartoon

Why would you need to see my bag to leave the library?

So I went to the Mid-Manhattan library to look for a DVD I had on hold, which the website said was actually sitting on their shelf. I go in and there's a bag check guy. Understood. Don't want people blowing up the library. So I do it. Then, after I discover said DVD is not there, I go to leave and there's another bag check on the way out. I ask the lady security guard why there's a bag check to leave and she gestures to a sign on the wall. I said that I see the sign, but I would like to know why. She motions to the sign again. I asked "What happens if I refuse?" She says nothing. So I stand there and say "I refuse to be bag checked". She eventually looks and me, and with a hint of attitude says, "I won't argue with you lady, you can go." Now all I really want is a valid reason why I would need to be checked when I'm leaving the library. I understand why the branch on 42nd & 6th does it: they have ancient tomes tucked dozens of floors beneath the library. Priceless books they would not want stolen, and I'm sure people occassionally forget to return them. That is completely understandable there. At the Mid-Manhattan library there are not those kind of books. Are they afraid I'll steal a periodical or something? The library by my house does not bag check at all. I walk in with a bag full of library items and no bats an eye. The Mid-Manhattan library, however, they get all fussy. So, in conclusion, I will not be going in that branch again. I'll stick to my own, thank you.