February 2nd, 2010


and now I wait...again

Had to file a new unemployment claim today. Not sure how much I'll be getting, but I do know that the Federal taxes will NOT be taken out, although I will be taking out my State taxes, just to be safe. Heh.
Major refunds in both from last year. Not sure what I'll be doing with the money. I'll wait until I get it to decide.

Good news: My unemployment year is starting over!! YAY!!!
Bad news: I have to wait 1-2 weeks (depending on how much I work) for the money. :(

I have been invited to London for 9 days in April. I may do that with my refund....not sure. I miss their food and the excitement. I have to watch the exchange rate for now. Or, I may go to Vegas, as I was invited there as well. Or...well...maybe I'll spend a night at the St. Regis. There are so many options. I think I will at least wait until the money shows up before I make a decision.