December 18th, 2008

Leaf Man

Jesus I am with you, touch me touch me jesus!

I'm listening to the wonderful Jesus Christ Superstar recording I procured a few years ago, and it reminds me how wonderful life is and Jesus is. I wasn't originally going to listen to it, I was going to put on the Billy Elliot film, seeing as I've been watching the musical all this time. But, I shall probably see it tomorrow morning before the wonderful Shubert Christmas Party (!!)

Drama still exists off stage in the world of theatre. There are things happening with my show that I'm not going to put here at this time, but it's a bit annoying....Actors!

I've also been starting to try and make my own food again. Brewing my own iced tea once a week and so forth.

What do I think of Patterson's Budget list? Well, I do know that probably not all of them will get passed, and as for what has been listed, while it seems a bit much, most can be avoided. Although that $10 charge to file taxes by mail instead of online may be too high. The cigar tax, soft drink tax, budget cuts to education...well...we'll see. As for cutting NYC out of a lot of the budget; I think Bloomberg should put some of his money into the city. Won't happen, but it's the amount that NYC needs, and may actually earn him reelection points.