December 14th, 2008

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Inspiration from Letters

It has been a while since this Online Diary has updated. Mainly because technology that is prevalent in this society has so many other communication forms that typing unto an online Journal seems a bit dated. But, there needs to be a record of my adventuring somewhere, and this place is as good as any.

Well, I've been at work a lot, which is why there has been nothing really of import to put on here. I've been purchasing items for the holidays with which I am distributing as convienently as possible.

Currently, I've been reading Letters From New York which is a collection of letters written by H.P. Lovecraft during his 2-year stay in this fine city. It saddens me that 30-page letters are no longer written, for people would rather send emails or text messages to each other. I do not exaggerate my abilities, I cannot write fiction or non-fiction like HPL, however, I'm sure I can write more detailed Journal entries than I have been doing.

I've been mailing out holiday cards to all whose physical addresses I have. I have a few cards left over, and if anyone on here would like a card, written, by the by, with a quill pen, please post a comment here, and I shall privately email you for your address. I feel physical cards are so much more personal than emailed cards, for the former takes more time and effort to do than the latter.

For myself this Yule I purchased two Lovecraft books, about Lovecraft. The first one has been mentioned here already, and the other is entitled Lovecraft's Library, which a collection of book titles Lovecraft had in his library at one point in time or other. This list has proved invaluable to me, for it is a extensive listing of wonderful collection of older fiction and non-fiction books, some of which are so obscure, yet are so interesting to read. One of which, a history book about England with illustrations, I have purchased for myself. I also purchased a Toaster Oven, for those nights when a microwave and hotplate just won't do. I shall probably also get a video game, but I have not decided which one as of yet.

I will be starting jaunts to various colonial-style architectures and historic sites which Lovecraft visited and are still standing. Anyone who wishes to join me on these walks, please leave a comment here and I will personally get in touch with you when I have plans. For those who like to live on the edge of time, this afternoon, I plan to get a look at Milligan Place around 2.30pm or so. Those who wish to join me and merlyn_drakonis please meet us at the corner of Christopher Street and 7th Avenue south, right in front of the Citibank around 2.30. I may not be there right away, as I will taking a subway from Times Square around 2.20 or so. Please wait. I shall be wearing my Priest Cassock. If, however, it is quite cold out or windy, do not go, for I do not feel like taking a walk in that kind of weather.

Well, that is all of interest for now, I think. I shall update soon, and try and get this to be a regular happening once again!