July 28th, 2005

occult, dark, satanic

Raindrops keep falling upon my head....

Well, the cast party went mad well. It was this nice little bar/restaurant on 23rd street near the movie theatre. I taught the bartender how to make a bloodbath *snickerfit*...YAY OPEN BAR!!!
There were little crab cakes and chicken strips and vegetables and some other nifty things to eat. I got to talk with the other cast members, and I will be getting one of them to record a message on my answering machine next week...heh heh heh... After the party, the guest I brought and I went back to my place in Brooklyn and fucked liked tripping-acid bunnies until 4 am. W00t!!! A perfect end to a semi-perfect day.

Speaking of days, here is my quote of the day:

"Everything you see is edible. Even me. But that's called Canaballism, dear children, which is frowned upon in most cultures."--Willy Wonka