A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

my first solo vacation in almost a decade...

Yesterday was the first time in 6 years that I had been on a plane. It was more or less the same as I remember it. However, there were more laptop/charging stations in the terminal than before. This was great for me, as it gave me something to do while I waited to leave. I had a layover in the Philadelphia, and my flight to Utah left from the international terminal... it also had a nice lay out, and the food wasn't too pricy. Although the flight wasn't full, I feel like there were a lot of Latter-Day Saints onboard, for everyone was so nice.

I am now in Utah. I am staying with friends in Kaysville. Spent the day in Salt Lake City. First, I went to a devotional at the Conference Center Theatre given by the President of the LDS Business College. It was about faith and how to understand God even if one isn't given all the information about His plans. It was very inspiring and insightful, using many examples from scriptures and from life.

Afterwards, I went down to City Creek and ate lunch at Jimmy John's, because, of course, Jimmy John's is great.

Then, I took a long walk (Brigham, I love your city, I really do, but why are your blocks so long???) to the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. I went for one reason only, so see this amazing piece of art:

That is Joseph Smith's head on a Sphinx. For realz. Highlight of my day. Thank you, Atlas Obscura for turning me on to this!
Tags: lds, pix, religious devotion
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