A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Erich's trip and fall

Yesterday, myrddan blacked out and fell on the floor. Here is what his eye looks like today:


This is from an orbital floor and maxilla skull fracture.

Here is what *really* happened:

--he hit his head after eating soul toast and it was my fault because he wanted stove top

--^^ or we say 'five way sex gets confusing'. and just giggle

--maybe i dye my hair red and his eyes burned because he looked before i was finished

--howbout 'won a staring contest with Nosferatu'

--despite what you may think, nobody wins in a wasabi eating contest... points to eye

--howbout 'overusing jedi mind tricks'

--saw a sailboat where there was no sailboat?

--this is what happens when one stares at a solar eclipse and the skin grew back over one's eyeballs...booby-trapped sun!

--first day with the new laser pinky

--why one shouldn't run with scissors

In all seriousness, his eye may or not become normal. Anyway, it is important that laughter is the best medicine and suchlike.
Tags: erich entry, humour
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