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YAY!!! BUSY!!!

Rehearsals for Stonewall Stories start this Saturday.
Not sure what kind of start we're off to when half the cast is slow to respond to my emails.
However, I'm sure once we all begin, the stress should calm down a bit.
Everyone's being very nice about it, though, which rocks.
One thing that does bother me a bit, though, is that I have to keep updating the contact sheet. Let's see how long that goes...

Don't have much ushering work this week. I have two days off in a row again. I think I'll take it while I have it, because, starting tomorrow, I won't get a day off until Stonewall is finished. It's going to be a busy couple weeks.

I will probably also end up missing Hamlet in the park, because it's too inconvenient to get tickets.
Tags: theatre--stage manager, theatre--ushering
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