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The Mind is Full of Monsters!!!

I am very happy today because I got a new job. W00t!!! YES! No more phone survey job for me!!!
Here's how it happened:

On Thursday night, I went to go see the wonderful Off-Broadway Play Shockheaded Peter. While there I learned that the theatre does volunteer ushering. After the show, I went to the Theatre Manager to ask if I could volunteer usher sometime, and he asked if I wanted to do it for pay. I said I would think about it...so the next night I call him and tell I'm interested...and now I have my first full time paid gig in the theatre. I get to watch this show at least 4 times a week and have my mind explode...heh...

So if anyone wants to see the show, go to the website: Http://www.shockheadedpeter.com for ticket information and whatnot, and maybe I shall see you there!!

*does happy dance*
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